Educator, Musicologist, and Audio Engineer
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Short Biography


Jasmine Henry is an engaging music educator and versatile audio engineer. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jasmine is the product of years of hard work and dedication in the arts. Her passion for music was discovered during her time in high school marching band and evolved into a love for all musical styles and genres. Her passion for music and the arts led her to earn several scholarships and degrees including a Bachelor of Music in Sound Engineering and Master of Music in Music Business from William Paterson University. Currently, Jasmine is working on her Ph.D. in Musicology at Rutgers University and teaching music technology, business, and history courses at Rutgers University, Felician University, Brookdale Community College, Passaic Community College, and Newark School of the Arts. As an audio engineer, she has gained on-set and backstage experience from critically acclaimed productions such as HBO’s The Newsroom, Broadway’s Chicago, and the Blue Man Group. 


As an adjunct instructor, Jasmine teaches music business, technology, and history courses such as The Art of Production, Beat Mixing & Composing at the Computer, and Beatles to Beyoncé: Exploring the Business of Music. 


Jasmine Henry is a fourth-year Musicology Ph.D. student and part-time lecturer at Rutgers University researching contemporary do-it-yourself music-making practices, critical race theory, and hip-hop/R&B music. You may find her forthcoming publications in the Journal of the Society for American Music and Journal of Pan African Studies. In November 2018, she presented her Frank Ocean sound recording aesthetics research at the AMS Popular Music Study Group’s “Rethinking Amateurism” session in San Antonio, TX. In March 2020, Henry will present Makerspace & Public Musicology research at the Society for American Music in Minneapolis, MN. 

Research Interests


  1. Do-it-yourself (DIY) music-making practices and cultures

  2. Contemporary hip-hop/R&B music and culture

  3. Critical theories of race, place, and space

  4. The mass-mediation and commodification of black expressive cultural practices

  5. African-American history and blackness studies 

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Educator, Musicologist, and Audio Engineer